CSA Network Ireland

What is a CSA?

Hazel and Davi's Farm: Here is one of our veggie boxes from 2018
Beans, tomatoes and cucumbers in Derrybeg's polytunnel
Jubilee Farm CSA
Slug patrol
Hiveshare, Brookfield Farm CSA
A veg pickup in Smithfield

Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between a group of people and a farmer. The members receive a share in the CSA when they commit to pay an agreed fee to the farmer for the duration of a season, and in return they get healthy, local food produced in an agroecological* way. This partnership allows everyone to share both the rewards and also the challenges that our independent farmers face every year. The CSA model is a way to self-organise food distribution systems. This is more than a model to feed you with healthy, local and organic food; it is a commitment, and encourages learning and community engagement. Although CSAs are a relatively new concept in Ireland, they have been thriving in other parts of the world for many years. For more information you can read the report: Overview of Community Supported Agriculture in Europe.

*Agroecology uses ecological processes and applies them to agriculture. Not all Irish CSAs are registered organic, but all the growers are committed to growing food without chemicals and in close discussion and collaboration with the community.